The art of raising money:  

Building your real estate development business by building your private lending data base.

Chuck Nilosek has worked as a fund raiser for many different companies and start ups over the last decade.  His primary focus has been raising funds for real estate developers through a concept called Private Lending. This online course allows participants to build the proper mindset, blueprint and gameplay to achieve the desired figures and goals they want for themselves. 

Class 1-  Introduction (45 -60 minutes) 

This class sets the ground rules for what is to be expected.  It is designed to take a big picture look at the whole concept offering an explanation to why people "Buy" in the first place.  In order to begin raising money you must first identify your assets and skills that you currently have and then understand the additional tools you will need moving forward.

Typically an individuals success in fund raising is based on how their own mindsets as it pertains to money. Many times a persons earliest memory of money as a young child will shed light on how and why they treat money like

they do today.  Generally the introduction class weeds out the people who are not serious about putting in the time and thought necessary to achieve the desired results.

Class 2- The Beginning (60 minutes) 

We will cover the 3 Critical Keys to Financial Success, what they are, how they work and how to best use them within your practice.-  These key ideas are the essence to how Chuck Nilosek is able to raise between 1-2 million dollars per month for his real estate partners.

Class 3- The Middle (60 Minutes) 

Once a healthy mindset is achieved we will offer a handful of SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE daily tasks that if incorporated into your discipline will generate fantastic results before you know it.  

We will cover the concept of A.C.E.





This class is also where we begin covering the basics to being financially literate so that you can be comfortable conversing with people about financial matters.

Why partnerships might be your best bet!

How does tax planning work and why should I know anything about that before I take a dime of anyones money?

What does a financial advisor do and how is what I do different/same?

What are the different types of financial products out there and how does private lending compare?

YOU WILL GET A COPY OF "I'm A Financial Scatterbrain" written by Chuck Nilosek.

This book will be mailed out in advance to anyone who purchases the entire course package. (You do NOT need to be a personal coaching client.)   This book contains many "kitchen table" type explanations of many of the financial concepts and theories that you will need to know while out talking with people about money.

Class 4- More of the Middle (60 Minutes) 

Finding my sales process.  What makes someone hand over their hard earned money to you and what are the steps to get them to do it over and over again.

Why RENEWALS are your best friend and why that one word will make you RICH!

What are some of the little things you can do to grow your business FAST through the concept of THE PERFECT CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

What are some ACTUAL ideas that not only worked but are almost guaranteed to produce IMMEDIATE results....

See Chuck Nilosek's ACTUAL Blueprint to how HE personally raised 1-2 Million dollars per month beginning day 1!

Class 5- Almost the end but really the beginning... (60 Minutes) 


We will have on a financial advisor who uses Private Lending for his clients and you will hear first hand what you should do in order to partner with a firm like his.  

This class will show you all of the tools you will need to make this work.  People who have reached this level of the course will RECEIVE:

All of the actual legal documents needed to take in private lending. (Promissory Notes, Master Assignment Agreements, Inter-collateral Assignment Agreements and more) (AVAIL IN PDF VERSION)

A Custom Made BUYERS Guide to send to potential lenders with an easy to understand breakdown of Private Lending, why it exists, the commonly asked questions, and how the process works.

Class 6- The End...Sort of...But Let's call it the beginning...

This is where we wrap up the whole concept and put a big bow on the package.  How is it that we take ALL of the information we have and incorporate this into our practice.

Attendees of this class will:

Have all of the needed tools to be able to present to a potential lender.

They will be actively building a data base of people who will eventually be life long clients.

They will know what areas they need help and which areas they excel.

They will be in possession of a general blue print that has a proven track record of success for Chuck Nilosek and his partners.

You will be given an email link to a website that connects you with people who want to LEND you their money.

You will learn about individual partnerships and coaching in which you will receive one on one coaching and guidance with daily, weekly and monthly tasks designed to almost certainly get you the results you want.



*All 6 classes with invites for up to 2 other people.  (Links will be provided.)

* Weekly reminders and exclusive links.

* Copy of the book "I'm a Financial Scatterbrain". (Copy delivered)

* All legal documents in template/sample form prepared by our legal team.

* Custom made marketing materials such as our amazing white board video explaining private lending.

* Access to the website.  Here you will be able to market private lending to people in your area and have leads generated and delivered to you directly.

​* Custom created buyers guide PDF Handout, to have DAY 1 so that you can begin getting the quickest results possible with quality answers to the common questions regarding private lending.

* 2 Follow up coaching video conference calls (only available for primary payee)

* 1 scheduled 30 minute PODCAST recording to promote your business, brand and name that you may use on your website/social media.

* Weekly emailed link/invitation of "The Purpose".  This weekly web series has conversations with highly respected and well known people of accomplishment who have demonstrated a deep passion for living a life of PURPOSE.  Sit and listen to CEO's, Billionaires, and other people of influence as they hand over some of their priceless secrets to how they found success.  

Better- $550

*All 6 classes. (1 person/invite)

*Copy of the book "I'm a Financial Scatterbrain." (Copy Delivered)

* All legal documents in template/sample form prepared by our legal team.
* Custom made marketing materials with your company logo and profile.
* Access to the website.  Here you will be able to market private lending to people in your area and have leads generated and delivered to you directly.
* Custom created buyers guide PDF Handout, to have DAY 1 so that you can begin getting the quickest results possible with quality answers to the common questions regarding private lending.


* All 6 Classes

​**Invite someone in your network to enroll and receive a 50% discount. Invite 2 and receive a 75% discount. (Only good for the Better & Best levels.)

Ask about social media marketing to receive additional discounts.



You will be sent an invitation from Shindig Events with all of your payment instructions.

**Results from this course are not guaranteed.  Attendees are only being exposed to ideas, theory and suggestions that only work with implementation and effort.  Chuck Nilosek reserves the right to refuse anyone who may demonstrate qualities and behaviors that lessen the experience for the rest of the class.  Seating is limited and is first come first serve. Chuck Nilosek, Nilosek & Associates, & Private Lending Leaders are not responsible for the business practices of the participants of this class.  Any complaints, claimed and accusations made against enrollees involving illegal and unethical matters are not the responsibility of Chuck Nilosek, Nilosek & Associates & Private Lending Leaders.  This course is not to be considered financial or tax advice.  Any questions regarding financial and tax issues should be discussed with a licensed professional.  A full disclosure/disclaimer form will be sent at the time of enrollment.  For all of the individual coaching and partnership opportunities below, a case by case agreement will be drawn up between both parties at the time of contact. 


The people selected for this program must demonstrate a serious commitment to their business and be willing to follow our steps exactly as they are set.  Since many of the tasks below take a great deal of time and energy, we are limiting this opportunity to only 3 groups for the 1st Quarter of 2017.  

Much of what we learned in this session is designed to be individualized and catered to your existing level of experience and resources.  Individual coaching is a very LIMITED opportunity for only a SELECT few who are committed to raising over $500k per month.

This service will create media for the participants such as:


Develop and maintain an actual business plan that will allow your group to see results in both the short term, mid range and long term time frames.  


Our team will build you customized video packages to use on social media and your web site giving you that needed credibility and storefront needed to compete with other financial options.

You will be set up with a series of media appearances both local and nationally to build your brand and name.  These interviews and features will be available to place on your website and social media and will be custom made to fit your region and areas of expertise.

We will build an advertising campaign for your services that is designed to generate leads and traffic to your website. If you don't have a website we will build one for you at an additional cost.


Our partnership will give you access of, the materials within that marketing system and the benefit of working with a large credible organization.  You will be exposed and introduced to many advertising opportunities that have massively refused costs thanks to bulk buying and working within a group.  You will be able to market your projects to a wide range of people who are also not trying to promote or market their own deals.

Weekly online Video Conference Meetings- These accountability meetings are instituted to make sure the steps are being followed and to offer assistance and guidance along the way.